TMHD Questions for the Board E. Davis July 2019[6292]


TMHD response to Claudette Loper questions July 2019[6293]


Q. Why do we pay a hospital tax when there is no longer a Trinity Hospital?

A. The Trinity Memorial Hospital District (TMHD) was established to provide
quality health care
in the County; today this tax revenue is more important than ever and continues to provide health care in the district:

 1. The Current TMHD tax rate is $0.12/$100 valuation; approximately $680,000 in
taxes will be collected in 2018.

 2. Tax dollars are being used to:

  • Help support the CHI-St. Luke’s Baylor-Med clinic in Trinity; the clinic has four full time providers.  Options for other specialists are being considered.  Approximately 1,000 patients are seen there each month…….   And
  • Insure and maintain the hospital building and equipment as the District
    Board continues to look for ways to first reopen the emergency room (or urgent care) and then work to reopen the hospital.

3. The TMHD has no debt and a small reserve fund. Some of this reserve will be
needed this year as the costs to open and support the clinic and maintain the
facilities are estimated to slightly exceed the current revenue.   The Board is
looking for ways to reduce this total cost and be able to provide funds for an
emergency room in future.

 Q. Why did the hospital close?

A. ETMC –Tyler had leased the hospital from TMHD and was responsible for the
operation of the hospital, clinic, and emergency room for many years. In 2015,
TMHD was notified that the lease would not be renewed when it expired July 31,
2017.  The TMHD Board immediately began looking for a new partner.  

  • HMH:  After much study of possible options a letter of intent was signed with Huntsville Memorial to assume operation of the hospital.  Two weeks before they were to assume operation in Trinity, Huntsville Hospital notified the TMH that they would not be able to sign the lease and operate the hospital.  
  • Self Manage:   A feasibility study was done to see if there was any way the TMHD could self-manage and operate the Hospital.  Funds needed far exceeded the revenue and reserves needed; bank loans were sought.  Funds were just not sufficient to self-manage the hospital.
  • CHI-St. Luke’s Lufkin:  Finally after visits with many and many prayers, CHI-St. Luke’s Lufkin agreed to operate the clinic.  CHI-St. Luke’s is a non- profit, faith-based nation-wide hospital system and they accept all patients.  CHI-St. Lukes worked diligently and had the clinic up and running on August 1, 2017 (the day after ETMC left).  Today, our clinic provides quality health care (our tax dollars at work) and jobs for many in the community.

Q. When does the TMHD Board meet?

A. The Board meets on the third Monday of the month at 5:30 pm, in the hospital
conference room. The public is encouraged to come and learn what the board is
doing to improve health care and bring back emergency or urgent care.